iRegMed revolutionises The health market

Establishment of an open & organically growing ecosystem that combines medical therapies and research with the safeguarding of personal and scientific data.


iRegMed is an open & organically growing ecosystem that combines medical therapy and research with the preservation of personal and scientific data...


iRegMed has set itself the task of treating patients with innovative, regenerative therapies and storing them securely and anonymously via Blockchain...


iRegMed aims to establish regenerative therapies and create an autonomous system through iRegMed centres, iRegMed research and iRegMed academies...


iRegMed is the answer to the need and necessity of efficiently and transparently adapting existing or new procedures at universities, clinics and research...


2007 – 2016

Research and optimization of the regenerative process, as well as patenting.


Feasibility studies
Needs analyses


Opening of the first iRegMed centre
Structure of the ecosystem

  • Centre in the Rhine Main area
  • Establishment of research
  • Start of internal data collection
  • Preparation of studies
  • Establishment of another centre
  • Implementation of further forms of therapy

2019 – 2021

Opening of further centres
Optimization and proof of efficacy of existing therapies
Documentation of new therapies
Expansion of the technological ecosystem

2022 – 2025

Establishment of the insurance
Launch of the eDoc
Electronic patient file in DACH outside iRegMed

Our Vision

iRegMed aims to support innovative and regenerative therapies on their way to market readiness and to support them in optimising and demonstrating their effectiveness. Our motto is simple and goal-oriented:


„Maximum efficacy with minimal side effects.“


Regenerative medicine has a cause-related approach and combats the core problem of a disease – usually only the symptoms are treated, which means constant costs for sufferers and insurance.


The basis for the data collection will be the iRegMed file, which every patient within our iRegMed ecosystem will use. The patient will regain complete control of his data by verifying access by means of authorizations. We will use the collected data in the long term to establish transparent and result-oriented insurance, i.e. an optimal treatment for the patient will be made possible on the basis of the data – this concerns the type of therapy and the contribution calculation.

The Core - Team

Mustafa Sahinli


Mustafa Sahinli is an IT consultant and has gained experience in several IT projects in recent years. He has experience in companies and has acted as managing director of his own brand. He currently works as CTO for iRegMed and developed iRegMed’s ecosystem for the blockchain-based backup of patient data.

Antonio Fiusco


Antonio Fiusco is managing director and founder of TOPMED24 GmbH and has over 20 years of experience in the field of health care. He led various projects in the field of innovative biological treatment methods and initiated and developed integrated care contracts, among other things.

Stipo Novokmet


Stipo Novokmet has many years of experience in consulting and sales. He specialized in biological healing methods in the medical sector and has managed various projects for clinics and private practitioners for 15 years.

The Advisor


Dilek Akkaya has a degree in political science and has many years of professional experience in the areas of corporate communications, press work and marketing. Ms. Akkaya has managed various projects and has extensive knowledge in project management and as an organizer of advanced training and qualification programs.


Carsten Schröder is a mediator and specialist lawyer for intellectual property. He mainly deals with competition law, in particular topics from online and offline marketing, as well as product and brand protection and data protection.


Onur Akpolat is a successful entrepreneur from Berlin. In the last 10 years he worked mainly in machine learning, big data analytics and blockchain technology. Onur is co-publisher of the podcast Kryptohelden.


Vadim Andryan is founder of Crypviser and developer of a new cryptographic era based on the blockchain. Vadim has profound experience and broad knowledge in the areas of computer security and encryption. He has accompanied government and military projects focusing on cybersecurity and social engineering.


Gordon Wenk has been self-employed for many years as a software developer suffering. During his career he has developed several projects for industry and software publishers on various platforms such as LAMP, Windows, OSX, iOS and Android. He also sells his own CRM system called Octagon Contact CRM under OCTACON ELEMENTS.


Erwin Trageser is an entrepreneur in the automotive supplier industry and a successful businessman and experienced investor. It supports innovative processes from various areas.


Horst Gerdes is an entrepreneur in the automotive supplier industry. Mr. Horst Gerdes is a successful businessman and experienced investor. It supports innovative processes from various areas.


Prof. Dr. Kilian Hennes is Professor of Computer and Natural Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Iserlohn and supervisor of Arthrogen GmbH. He is an expert in translational research in biotechnology and computer science.


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Wallich is Professor of Immunology at the University of Heidelberg. Expert in vaccination and Lyme disease. He was involved in the development of Goldic Therapy from the very beginning and established validation and functional tests.


Professor Doctor. h. Lars Peterson is Professor of Orthopaedics at the Sahlgrenska Academy and the University of Gothenburg and a world-renowned expert in cartilage repair and sports medicine. He is one of the first Europeans to be elected to the „Hall of Fame“ of the „American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine“.