Intelligent Regenerative Medicine

Using the body’s
self-healing powers

Comprehensive Regenerative Medicine With +10 Years Of Experience

Supporting physicians  by treating the root causes of inflammatory and degenerative diseases and disorders.

Our Areas
 Of Expertise


Supporting physicians to improve pain and discomfort of patient’s musculoskeletal system to enhance the healing of orthopedic conditions.

Sports Medicine

Non-surgical treatments that use body’s own healing capacities to treat sport injuries. Your patients benefit from reduced pain, improved function, and faster recovery.

Spinal disorders

Helping doctors to treat back and neck pain due to common injuries including disc herniation, stenosis, and other degenerative problems.


Supporting action of inflammatory processes and cell death responses are aimed to restrict virus replication and to eliminate the infectious virus.

Allergic Diseases

Allergies have numerous causes and triggers. The complaints due to allergies are just as varied. iRegMed offers doctors a novel therapy concept to strengthen the immune system.


There are several ways to apply regenerative medicine. Autologous serum eye drops are becoming increasingly popular with ophthalmologists.


Supporting dentists, using tissue regeneration is to create robust gum tissue that is tightly connected to the teeth to prevent the gums from receding further.

Veterinary Medicine

For more than 20 years, our technologies have supported veterinarians in the treatment of orthopedic diseases in equine veterinary medicine.

Dedication -
Meet Our Partners

Our partnership approach is open and includes the scientific community, public and private science, technology and innovation institutions, the relevant private sector and industry.

We work closely with physicians of various specialties and medical distribution companies worldwide.

iRegMed offers a range of proprietary regenerative medicine technologies and protocols that define what we consider to be a new medical specialty: Intelligent Regenerative Medicine.

Our iRegMed Blog

Blog covering topics and research around Intelligent Regenerative Medicine


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