Our approach is rooted in our research and is constantly being refined and developed as we continue to lead the way in finding better methods for harnessing your body’s own healing agents to treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

iRegMed© has developed a concept that enables hospitals and private practices to offer their patients innovative regenerative therapies with a holistic approach in new Therapy Centers for Intelligent Regenerative Medicine on an exclusive basis.

iRegMed is devoted to improving health and advancing cures. Your contribution by your iRegMed partnership can be a success story with sustainable impact for your patients. We as a company working with scientists, physicians, and dedicated personnel to support key medical challenges and emerging health needs.

Only iRegMed partners can connect with our network of high medical professionals who perform autologous stem cell therapy. You will become an important part of the iRegMed Advocacy Team and help us to make intelligent autologous blood-based therapy accessible to a broader public.

iRegMed counts on your support and enthusiasm to advance intelligent autologous blood-based therapy. This will enhance our efforts to popularize autologous stem cell therapy to many potential patients who are currently unaware of the possibilities of regenerative medicine, in general.


Instead Of

Regeneration involves restitution of tissue components; repair involves “patching” rather than restoring. The amount of regeneration vs. repair that occurs depends on the proliferative capacity of the cells, and the duration of the injury and inflammatory response.

Instead Of

In a world where one size fits no one, every patient deserves truly individualized care. Personalized treatment leads to care with better outcomes. Care that is more efficient and sustainable.

A Powerful

iRegMed maintains an active patient registry that tracks patients’ progress and results, pre- and post-treatment to share the results within the group. Expanding our clinical data base to create more evidence for our regenerative protocols.

Global Intelligent
Regenerative Medicine
Network (GIRM)

A vital part of the iRegMed© concept is our GIRM network. GIRM stands for “Global Intelligent Regenerative Medicine Network” and gives exclusively access to: iRegMed© Clinic, iRegMed© Academy and iRegMed© University. The GIRM network represents global autologous stem cell therapy proponents who contribute to extending existing knowledge on the effects of autologous adult stem cells by daily clinical practice, supporting and performing pre-clinical and clinical research.

Eligibility And

Physicians interested in becoming part of our iRegMed© network will need to undergo extensive training and meet the requirements listed:

  • Licensed MD
  • Board-certified
  • High professional expertise
  • Experience with regenerative medicine treatments
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