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Joe-Henry Schulte

The difference.

Regenerative Medicine is a very young and promising field of modern medicine with the goal of moving away from a „reparative“ form of medicine to a „regenerative“ one, thereby achieving more sustainable improvements for patients.

The medical term “Regeneration” refers to the functional and morphological restoration of a damaged tissue or organ through the formation of new cells. From the Latin: re – back, generare – generate.

The regenerative capacity of human tissues is determined by the ability of their cells to divide. As cells differentiate, the regenerative capacity of a tissue decreases. Regeneration can be complete (restitutio ad integrum) or incomplete (reparatio).  In medicine, the term „reparatio“ means the healing of damaged tissue by scarring or granulation. There is a difference between repair „reparatio“ and regeneration „restitutio ad integrum“, which means the complete restoration of tissue function without further damage.

Healing is the process of restoring health to an unbalanced, diseased, or damaged organism. Healing involves the repair of living tissues, organs, and the biological system as a whole and the resumption of normal functioning. This could be supported, increased, or fixed by therapeutic measures.

“Complete healing without permanent scars or damage is called REGENERATION “restitutio ad integrum.”

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