Joe-Henry Schulte

Joe-Henry Schulte

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Scientific expertise, clinical research, and consistent use of state-of-the-art technologies for patients’ recovery: Based on his broad experience in the regenerative field Prof. Dr. med Ulrich Schneider opened 2018 the new Center for Intelligent Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy, – iRegMed -, in the exclusive ambience of discrete private practice with outpatient treatment rooms at the prestigious lake Tegernsee area, close to Munich, Bavaria.

With a unique combination of extensive experience, competence, and empathy, he developed an individual and tailor-made concept for each patient to promote better health and quality of life.

For over more than 25 years, Prof. Dr. Schneider, MD has been both an orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist involved in treatments methods for degenerative and inflammatory diseases. Conventional medicine offers mostly symptomatic treatments, with a reasonable high potential for side effects to the patient. In recent years, alternative medical procedures have become increasingly popular.

The focus of his work as a researcher at the prestigious universities of Heidelberg and Aachen has been degenerative joint disease. Prof. Dr. Schneider has developed a variety of new and highly effective treatment methods based on this research and therapeutic algorithms based on the individual needs of the patients providing: “individual intervention instead of medication and regeneration instead of repair.”

Besides his academic career, Prof. Schneider was highly motivated looking for a better treatment after his motorcycle accident. He was diagnosed an acetabulum fracture and hip dislocation followed by a femoral head necrosis, which was an extra motivation searching for a better regenerative therapy for himself and his patients.

After many years of basic and clinical research, he introduced a novel regenerative medical technology, called GOLDIC®, to the international market, which is based on stimulating the body’s own regenerative processes so that the body can heal diseases independently.

Today, already thousands of patients with various inflammatory and degenerative diseases in a wide variety of areas have been successfully treated with the help of this platform technology, as an integral part of individualized therapies. Find more infos at

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