Find An iRegMed Center Of Excellence

We offer different levels that suit your individual situation and determine the intensity of our potential partnership.

Fundamental to our iRegMed concept is a tested and executable business model that can be duplicated any time. We offer training and assisting in the pre-opening phase of your regenerative center and ongoing support.

Being a partner has less risk because business format, brand and treatment protocols are already recognized, and you do not need to invest in your own medical research during development of your regenerative center. Another huge benefit for our partners is that we can provide guidelines and information about the most important procedures. In addition, our partners can save enormous marketing and advertising fees when building their own brand, as a part of our iRegMed family you benefit from centralized brand promotion.

Find Our International Distribution Partners

iRegMed is supported by medical distributors around the world, based on our “local for local” approach. This means that they will act according to local customs and circumstances in our best interest.

Our local distributors support our “iRegMed Centers of Excellence” and provide the best service. They also look after our joint customers and are the link between our platform and local users.

Please use our interactive map to find an iRegMed distributor near you. Of course, we are also, at your disposal for information and service.

Find A Medical Practice Offering Our
- Regenerative Therapy Concept -

iRegMed, is also a service provider for intelligent regenerative therapies based on an autologous blood procedure, called GOLDIC (Gold Induced Cytokines). For more information, you can contact us directly or use our interactive map to find a medical practice near you that uses GOLDIC technology.

If you would like more information or are interested in learning more about becoming a trained iRegMed physician or an iRegMed distributor, please click the button and fill out the form or contact Joe-Henry Schulte directly at:

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