Joe-Henry Schulte

Joe-Henry Schulte

Individual intervention instead of medication and regeneration instead of repair.

For us and for many patients offers the iRegMed concept a real “Game Changer”. Regenerative medicine is causing a paradigm shift in health care through concentration on the underlying causes of disease by regenerating damaged cells in the body.

By focusing on issues at the cellular level, these therapies have the potential to cure or significantly reduce the disease burden of some of the most common chronic and acute conditions, such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases, trauma, and infectious diseases.

Individualized or personalized medicine means using a patient‘s specific information to achieve greater diagnostic precision, identify better-tailored and more effective therapeutic interventions, and ultimately achieve a faster and longer-lasting cure. These types of therapies involve a reduced likelihood of side effects and earlier disease intervention than was previously possible.

The health mega-trend is now permeating all areas of our everyday life and defining entire lifestyles. Especially since the pandemic, the importance of physical integrity has become a key resource. Prevention, lifestyle, individualization, and regenerative therapies will have a significantly larger focus.

While reimbursement systems have begun to change to accommodate these new treatments, they still have a way to go to catch up with the immense value provided by advanced therapies.

The medical market is more dynamic than ever, making agile business models imperative. The interplay of multiple disciplines is essential to facilitate the newest innovations.

iRegMed helps physicians to build and promote a strong value story for regenerative medicine products through evidence collection, including clinical studies, framework development, coverage criteria, and external stakeholder engagement. iRegMed offers a family of regenerative & individualized procedures for inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

iRegMed is an exclusive system offering pluripotent regenerative treatment options for dedicated clinics and medical treatment centers combining life sciences, and medicine.

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