The concenpt

iRegMed (medically)

Three for innovation

iRegMed aims to establish regenerative forms of therapy and to create an autonomous system that
  • in the iRegMed centers treats patients with biological and regenerative therapies,
  • develops new forms of therapy and conducts studies with iRegMed research,
  • trains doctors and medical staff via the iRegMed Academy.
With the cause- and non-symptomatic-centered treatment iRegMed strives for an actual increase in value for the patients with innovative forms of therapy.


The patented GOLDIC® Method is a highly anti-inflammatory therapy that regulates pain and activates and promotes the differentiation of the body's own stem cells. It is used in the iRegMed centres.

Since 2010, more than 2,500 patients with various inflammatory and degenerative diseases have been successfully treated in various fields: Rheumatology, orthopaedics, sports medicine, neurology, dermatology, dentistry and ophthalmology.

    The first iRegmed center in Tegernsee

    The first iRegMed centre opens in Gmund / Tegernsee on 06/15/2018.

    ca. 2.000.000 EUR

    iRegMed (technology)

    Data optimally protected & optimally used

    iRegMed's authentication model enables the distribution and authorization of public keys in peer-to-peer or automated blockchain mode and secure, anonymous data transfer.

    The man-in-the-middle attack is the greatest historical challenge of asymmetric cryptography, the basis for an end-to-end encryption model. The blockchain technology offers the possibility for this.

    Advantages of the electronic patient file

    • Complete data control of the patient
    • Increase in efficiency and treatment quality by recording all patient data in one file
    • Avoidance of false and double treatments
    • Transparency for research with complete anonymity
    • Maximum security through decentralized encryption without man-in-the-middle
    • Creation of an efficient insurance structure
    • Support for doctors and clinics and recommendations for patients (AI)

    Shape the future with us!

    The iRegMed Token

    is a utility token that gives the owner access to a certain number of services related to medical services and medical data. We also expect it to be used directly in our health ecosystem, which gives you discounted access to services.

    Token Distribution

    Token Sale

    Begin 04/24/2018
    up to 35%
    1 IRM = 0,124 $
    1 IRM = 0,19 $
    Token CREATED
    200 Millions
    Token for SALE
    120 Millions
    Circulating Supply
    140 Millions

    Sale participation

    Affordable with Ethereum and Bank Transfer Euro Dollar to a Luxembourg account of iRegMed S.a.r.l.
    Not sold tokens are eliminated.

    Private Sale

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