The mission

Time for real change

iRegMed revolutionizes the healthcare market

iRegMed is an open & organically growing ecosystem that combines medical therapy and research with the preservation of personal and scientific data.

We want to restructure the healthcare market to build effective treatment methods and a system that is fair to patients. Furthermore, we want to replace the existing innovation-hostile structure and offer an alternative to the insurance and consulting system.

The need for this arises from the state and future challenges in the healthcare market.

The situation

  • increasing performance limitations (innovation unfriendly system)
  • Increasing cash contributions with low efficiency
  • high basic costs combined with an unfair remuneration system
  • insufficient incentives for preventive and health-promoting measures
  • Patient data scattered or centrally available
  • demographic change
The need for change is obvious. We introduce this through a patented medical procedure that is already in use - combined with the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Shape the future with us!

The iRegMed Token

is a utility token that gives the owner access to a certain number of services related to medical services and medical data. We also expect it to be used directly in our health ecosystem, which gives you discounted access to services.

Token Distribution

Token Sale

Begin 04/24/2018
up to 35%
1 IRM = 0,124 $
1 IRM = 0,19 $
200 Millions
Token for SALE
120 Millions
Circulating Supply
140 Millions

Sale participation

Affordable with Ethereum and Bank Transfer Euro Dollar to a Luxembourg account of iRegMed S.a.r.l.
Not sold tokens are eliminated.

Private Sale

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