Our goals


New approaches in medicine

The medical part of iRegMed is dedicated to treating patients with innovative, regenerative therapies with a focus on causes rather than symptoms. One of the therapies developed so far is the patented GOLDIC® method.

Goals of iRegMed

  • Establishment of affordable, virtually side-effect free therapies that heal rather than combat symptoms
  • Development of new innovative processes to market maturity
  • Creation of an efficient, transparent and online available documentation and study system
  • raising awareness of the use of electronic patient records

Big Data - secure and anonymous thanks to Blockchain

The technological part of iRegMed allows the decentralized, secure management and transmission of medical data.

This technology is used for research and development

  • To ensure the greatest possible transparency in cooperation with universities and researchers (documentation / clinical studies)
  • To evaluate and optimize existing processes
  • To successfully establish the electronic patient record

The electronic patient file iRegMed

  • Encrypted securely and anonymously via the blockchain (without Man in the Middle)
  • Allows the patient complete control over his data
  • Can be the basis for a fair and goal-oriented insurance with the collected data
  • Supports physicians and patients with its constant organic growth and self-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Big Data solution that replaces existing structures

Shape the future with us!

The iRegMed Token

is a utility token that gives the owner access to a certain number of services related to medical services and medical data. We also expect it to be used directly in our health ecosystem, which gives you discounted access to services.

Token Distribution

Token Sale

Begin 04/24/2018
up to 35%
1 IRM = 0,124 $
1 IRM = 0,19 $
200 Millions
Token for SALE
120 Millions
Circulating Supply
140 Millions

Sale participation

Affordable with Ethereum and Bank Transfer Euro Dollar to a Luxembourg account of iRegMed S.a.r.l.
Not sold tokens are eliminated.

Private Sale

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